One of the most foolish things David Price could ever have done was to start a war with the Boston media. His first mistake was to go off on a sportswriter from the Globe in the clubhouse after a game in Boston. That tirade brought the media together since they, like ML ballplayers, have each other’s back when it comes to someone criticizing a colleague. He then confronted TV analyst Dennis Eckersley on the plane heading to Toronto supposedly about Eckersley’s comments about the rehab stint of Eduardo Rodriguez in Pawtucket which was awful. He said he was defending a teammate.

David Price had no idea what the media and the fans were like before signing his multi-million, multi-year contract. He took the money and thought he could do no wrong no matter how he pitched here. He soon learned, in his first year here, that expectations were high for him and the Boston fans would criticize him for his poor pitching and his lack of accountability especially during his post-game interviews. He comes off as being arrogant which I think is his biggest problem. He may be a good guy but from the beginning of his time in Boston he seemed to be saying, “Who does the media and fans think they are criticizing me? I’m one of the best pitchers in the game and the highest paid pitcher in Red Sox history.” That’s the impression he gives whenever he’s on TV or radio.

Fans, especially, hate that in an athlete. We all want our athletes to be humble, grateful for their success and wealth. Bobby Orr is the perfect example of a great athlete being humble and not thinking he’s better than anyone else. Some fans say it doesn’t matter as long as he wins games. But it does matter. His actions have disrupted this team and instead of talk being about the team it’s about his actions and attitude.

I wouldn’t say the Red Sox are in total disarray. The ownership and Dave Dumbrowski have been silent on this matter but I’m sure they’re not very happy about it. Price won’t apologize to anyone, but something should be done before it’s too late and we see the Red Sox plummet in the standing. Price needs to change his attitude not Red Sox Nation. It’s then he will understand that peace is better than war.


Feature Photo Courtesy of Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

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