I turned on the TV to watch the Red Sox open a four game series against the Texas Rangers. I wanted to see how David Price would do against a lousy Texas team. I figured he’d make quick work out of their lineup for at least seven innings. The Rangers had their shortstop Elvis Andres and future Hall of Famer Adrian Beltran out of the lineup due to injuries so it should be a piece of cake for him. Not so.

Price had not been throwing well in his last few starts but he said his arm was all right for his next start. It’s been always tough for the Red Sox to win games in Texas. The Rangers’ first ballpark in Arlington was a pitcher’s park and to hit a home run there you needed to hit the ball from the second base bag. The new ballpark is a launching pad for home runs but still the Sox have problems winning there. Although last night they had enough runs to win the game.

That brings us back to Price. I noticed early on that he was not getting on top of the ball as he released his fastball and cutter. When a pitcher gets under the ball his pitches flatten out and the velocity is not as good. I thought his cutter was affected more than the fastball. He couldn’t get his changeup in good spots which made it easier for hitters to make good contact. There was no rhythm to his windup. He looked off balance just way out of whack.

My concern is the health of his arm, though. Is he experiencing any pain in the elbow? Should he go for an MRI to see if there’s a tear, or a calcium deposit, or a muscle pull, or maybe even a gold filling that the dentist mis-directed? He’s definitely pressing to win games to prove he’s not a quitter which he is not. He’s thrown a lot of pitches throughout his career and maybe the arm is just stretched out to it’s capacity. If he needs Tommy John surgery it’s all over for him. The Red Sox need him. If he’s healthy he needs to put a good stretch together. The Yankees are playing well and Toronto is no pushover. There’s no panic in the Red Sox dugout but let’s get it figured out before it’s a little too late.


Feature Photo Courtesy of Boston Globe

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