Sure it’s early in the 2018 baseball season but the Red Sox are making winning look easy. The starting pitchers, Sale, Price, Porcello, and Rodriguez have been outstanding and the hitters are pounding the ball all over the field. They’re scoring runs early in most of their games which takes pressure off the starters.

The Sox have played against four teams so far this year. Of the four the lowly Tampa Bay Rays have played them tougher than the other three teams. The Marlins, Yankees, and so far the Orioles, have looked pathetic at times due to the aggressive play of the Red Sox.

Red Sox starters have shown the ability to hit corners, change speeds, and blow hitters away with fastballs. Red Sox hitters are very aggressive and, so far, have not been swinging at many pitches out of the strike zone. The combination of the two all working together are some of the reasons for the fast start.

Over the last few years this Red Sox team has hit extremely well at Fenway Park as opposed to the road games. That’s good, though, because they play eighty two games there. The big test for them is how well they will hit on the road this year. If the pitching holds up they have the chance to win a lot of games on the road. They may not score as many runs early but good pitching will give them a chance to win those close games.

There’s a long way to go but I don’t expect the Red Sox to have long losing streaks. Not if the starters pitch well and the monster in the bullpen gets the chance to save games as he’s done so often in the past. Time will tell but right now it’s fun to watch this team. They’re showing the desire to win every game no matter who it’s against.

It’s also great to see and hear Jerry Remy back in the TV booth. He has a great knowledge and insight of the game and can anticipate what both teams might do in any given situation. His commentary is straight forward and he doesn’t come across as being pompous and arrogant. I hope he does more games this year.


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