By this time in the season we pretty much have figured out who the teams are that have a chance to make the post-season. Even though we knew in spring training who the better teams were there are a few teams who have exceeded expectations. The Phillies are one as well as Atlanta and Milwaukee in the National League. Seattle is tied with Houston in the AL West and the Angels are hanging around in third place. There’s a long way to go and it remains to be seen if these teams can hold up throughout a whole season.

One thing is for sure. It’s no surprise that the Yankees and Red Sox are and will continue to battle it out for the Division title. Sure Red Sox Nation would love to see the Sox ten games ahead at this point but it ain’t gonna happen. Both teams have a wealth of talent especially on offense and right now the Red Sox have more depth and ability in their starting rotation than the Yankees. Both ballclubs need to take advantage of the many bad teams in both leagues.

The warm weather is traditionally hitters months. Both teams will hit and win their share of games. If Sale gets straightened out and Price continues to throw well and Porcello stays on track they should shut a lot of teams down during those hot months. I don’t see the Yankee starters, except for Severino, holding up in the second half. Both bullpens are good but if overused they can wear down in September.

The Red Sox and Yankees are actually both in a good position because of the long winning streak each had early in the season. I don’t expect either team to duplicate that the rest of the way. It all might come down to the last few games when the Sox and Yanks meet in late September. If pitching is the key to winning then the Red Sox have the advantage but as we know from the past with these two teams anything can happen. The team who wants it the most will win the Division.


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