I don’t know about you but I thought the Red Sox would sign JD Martinez at the winter meetings. I know they had talks with his agent Scott Boros and I’m sure a number of other teams inquired about him also. There were also rumors about them signing Abreau from the White Sox but that rumor has quieted down or might even be off the board completely.

Martinez’s agent Scott Boros is known to be very difficult to negotiate with. He wants a contract for his client that is extraordinarily high and with multiple years. He also likes to wait as long as he can to put pressure on the interested teams. It’s my guess that the Red Sox are waiting for a final offer from other teams and will then sign him. At least I hope so.

It is critical for the Red Sox to sign Martinez or at least one of the other free agent bats that are on the table. They need the production and they need to allow players like Betts, Devers, and Benintendi to continue developing as they head into their most productive years. At this point it looks like the Yankees will be the team to beat in the AL East Division with the acquisition of Stanton. They may also improve their pitching before the season begins.

Don’t get me wrong. The Red Sox have a very good team right now but in order to get to the post-season again they’ll need to come up with the big bat that Red Sox Nation so desperately wants.


Feature Photo Courtesy of themajors.net

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